Friday, December 10, 2010

So Long

Things have been sooo crazy since our launch of our business. We have had incredible success but to be honest it really has been too much it seems like.  I guess that's like asking a blessing to be taken back so that's not really good! What I mean to say is things have gone great but  it's been so busy that I have neglected my family, our home, my gospel duties, motherly duties, wife duties, and simply neglected time for myself.  Now don't get me wrong I enjoy doing crafts and better yet selling them to make a bit extra on the side but to be honest that is not what we're looking for.  We had been doing so good in everything else then something comes along and takes our eyes off the road. 

It's kind of funny I was just reading a talk (don't remember the apostle/prophet that said it) it was saying how we should not be out there looking for money to leave the desires and they'll come to you.  We'll have many blessings if we accomplish our primary tasks.  Along with that mothers working.  I mean Al and I have had many discussions about not working out of home... but what happens about mothers working in home? Any thoughts on this?

We thought that if you have work you can't devote all of your time to your children or your spouse.  Your not giving your family 100% it's spilt between your family and work.  We also talked about working in home is a positive because you can get up and take care of your children when they need you and only work on projects when they are taking naps or have bedtime.  But what happens when you work as hard as you would be out of the house in the home. Then your going backwards!!  IN our case  this is what happened.  Our hobbies came first for a moment.  We where struggling keeping orders up and giving Zoey Jane our attention.  Both of our attitudes where ready to burst any moment and the house.... OH MY GOODNESS don't even go there.  I believe EVERY dish was used.  Our pantry still looks like a tornado hit it and simply Zoey Jane was crying for our attention.  I am proud to say that  we stopped orders sat down and talked.  Our home is still getting put back together I've had time to relax and breath and so has Alex.  Our baby Zoey Jane is laughing and smiling right now and so are we.  I shouldn't care about a business ruling my life all my life I have wanted to be a mother, a homemaker, a scraping designer.  I know I am but that will not come in between me and my family again it's simply NOT worth it to me!!

Now this does not mean we are stopping we want to do this it's fun but not to the point that it takes our lives over.  We have a system running and to be honest it has been GREAT! I"m happy for other mothers that can do it all yeay for you!! We all have different lives, something for me maybe a trial for you and the other way around I'm just happy we as a couple put things straight before it made such a big differnce in our lives.