Saturday, August 13, 2011

Exciting News!

I have not written much about working as a book reviewer.  I decided I should, it's such a big part of my life now that it can't go neglected.  Since this blog is my scrapbook/family journal we felt it appropriate to talk about it here. This year I began Reviewing professionally for Squeaky Clean Reads.  I was so excited to get the job and honestly it has been growing so quickly.  We give ratings to books (movies can why not books?).  Readers can look for the book their child is reading and see if any content is inappropriate or not of their liking.  Also meant for those who want to read a clean book and not have to set it down because of its content. 

I SIMPLY LOVE IT!  I am able to read during nap time or any other time that works best for me.  I have been so blessed doing this.  Recently... well maybe about a month ago, my editor contacted me about Latter Day Womens magazine contacting them wanting to use my review as a feature in their magazine!!  I was so excited to have such an amazing surprise.!! They will post a small bio and my photo along with my review in the magazine.  I had been holding it in for awhile.  I kept telling Alex they're going to turn around and decide not to use it so I just kept it to myself.  Well it turns out they will post my review in their magazine.  It's on the book Alias by Mandi Slack.  I have been so ecstatic about it.  Of course I wouldn't have been able to do this without my husband who always helps me with my reviews from an outside point of view.  Thank you Sweetie.   

Well anways I should atleast post one of my books I've reviewed. This book stood out to me so much especially since I was getting ready to post my pioneer day photos and I couldn't help to think about this book during pioneer day weekend.  I don't recommend this book for those who want to read history but for those who want to live it.  I haven't felt so emotional to a book well...  this maybe a bold statement but true to me...since Harry Potter!!! Such a great read for members and non-members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Happy Reading
In The Company of Angels
In The Company of Angels by David Farland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the most marvelous, most touching books of our time!! Read my review on

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tomatoes and a Mess!

I have been so excited for our little garden.  We didn't even realize that we had vegetable planters outside.  When we moved in I noticed them very well placed for accurate sunlight.  Alex and I have made a vegetable garden every year except for last.  So I couldn't wait, it had been too long!  We got tomato plants from Al's dad and planted them outside.  I knew I wouldn't be around too often since summer has been such a chaos.  I decided to give it a shot not expecting anything.  Suddenly one day a I had a pleasant surprise when I noticed that we did have tomatoes growing in.  I don't know where I was.  I guess I just got in the routine of going outside every few days to water our plants.  They are growing so beautifully.  A few days ago one of the tomatoes just fell off.  Picking it up I washed it and  put it away.  I couldn't wait to cut it up for a special dinner with Al.  Well Zoey apparently got into our fridge.  As I look over. she was standing there chomping down our tomato.  OH NO!! I shocked her, she smiled though with bright red tomato across her teeth.  Sadly for us (lucky for her) I just let her finish it up.  I guess I'll just have to wait for the rest of the tomatoes to ripen up.  Anyways as I was admiring the green tomatoes that morning... I walk in after taking these pictures and    THEN...

 I saw this!!  AHH!! Zoey. I had taken too long outside and she had started to feed herself.  She was enjoying herself so much and well I had the camara in my hands so this is what i did, shot a few pics.

 I finally got her attention.  Just for a second though!!

Frisbee Golf

So Frisbee Golf?  Bo, Tim, and Alex had been talking apparently about frisbee golf.  I didn't really know what it was.  There's places for them all over though were where we not to know about his!  Alex and I love frisbee so we where up for it.  We had gone on a whole day date.  Movies, food, fun and games this was an eventfull way to finish the night off.  Zoey Jane had been babysat all day and we wanted her with us.  She ate snacks and crawled all over the grass.  We met up and honestly it was really relaxing.  We enjoyed our time near the mountains.  Talking and laughing mostly at some of our awesome shots.  Apparently it's played similar to golf except for with a frisbee.  It is way fun Alex and I will most definately be practicing for this but we had a ton of fun.  We forgot about score keeping by the end.

The Mowers Wedding

So Kay is finally got married!!  It's so exciting to see all of your roomies and besties going through amazing times in their lives.  We all got together for her reception and it sure was beautiful.  Of course her favorite color is purple so she just HAD to have it at her wedding.  It was amazing to see everyone there with their spouses.  Except Alex's wife was gone for the Army at the time.  Megan is a really good friend also.  She wasn't really a roomate but she was very close to all of us.

 So much fun most of us have kids so it's great to see everyone's families!