Wednesday, January 02, 2013

hAPPY New Year LetS BETTER OurSelVes

Happy New Year!!! Yeay!!! Another year has come and gone.  We've got a beautiful growing family. Our successes last year have been GREAT!! Two Amazing little girls.  I'm excited My goal of reaching 100 books was sadly not reached last year BUT it'll get there one day It's been going since 2008 and almost 5 years later I'm still reaching for it.  This year I've lowered it to 65 knowing that this year it will be difficult to reach that 100 book goal. so I'll be shooting for that one!

Some of our exciting Goals for this year are 
Family Goals:
Read Book of Mormon
Memorize 13 Articles of Faith

Al's Goals:
Pass all classes
Talk more Phillipino to kids & Mist

Mist's Goals:
Quilt once everyweek 
Read 65 books
Take ASL class & learn it

Zoey's Goals
Work on Star system
Play outside & be more outgoing

Skye's Goals
Learn to Crawl & Walk!!

Of course These are just goals we've set for ourselves so we can all support and help one another but they don't count our personal goals IF we have any extras.
Well looks like an exciting year for the Smith Family Love all and HAPPY NEW YEAR