Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Great Week!

I've got a couple firsts of Zoey Jane's that I want to log!!

July 22nd: Zoey Jane began to smile as her response to us talking and playing with her. It was soooo amazing that I was just playing with her early morning and everytime I did a funny face to her she would respond with an adorable cue and a smile!! It's soooo exciting!

July 23rd: Zoey Jane finally laughed when we tickled her feet oh those cute little itsy bitsy toes!

July 25th : Zoey Jane copies her daddy when he made a few funny noises with his mouth. It was so stinken adorable to see her watch his lips and try to copy the noises!!

It hasn't been all laughs I mean she has been having a few fussy days with an upset tummy and I figure chocolate is the the evil in my life now.... So sad cuz I've been wanting some caramel filled chocolate. Sweets and sugars don't make everything nice especially for little Zoey Jane.

We were able to spend sometime with friends at a BBQ on the 23rd of July and I gotta say little Zoey Jane looked like an adorable little cherry. She was so stinkin cute. We where able to hang out with friends and meet up with everyone at the beautiful Sego's house and of course BBQ. We played outburst, catch phrase and Mafia, it was so fun to hang out and Zoey of course threw a bit of a fit here and there but we finally figured out... or I should say Al figured out that she was cold. Once we swaddled her up in a blanket and held her close to daddy she slept so peacefully. It was great to see friends and family.

Monday, July 19, 2010

So I'm just so excited that our little girl is growing up, I mean I'm so happy that I have her and I"ve been trying to enjoy every time with her but it's the best feeling when Zoey Jane responds to our voice or when we are playing around. It was very exciting a few days ago I believe wednesday of last week, I was playing with Zoey Jane with her teddy bear her daddy got her. I set her teddy bear next to her and Zoey Jane's eyes opened up so big smiled and gave a big coo. She then followed the bear with her eyes it was so exciting.

Alex and I had a privilage to bless our little girl on the 4th of July It was such a blessing. That day was an amazing day. Alex and I gained a huge testimony of baby blessings. It's also such a huge blessing to have a husband that has lived a worthy life and has the power to bless little Zoey Jane.

I was also excited to say that I made Zoey Jane's baby dress. I had always dreamed of the baby dress for our little girl being long and just so cute. It was an exciting challenge to accomplish, it came out really good! I was a bit hesitant of the material being too shiny but it looked really good at the end, thanks to Al who by the way did help out with it!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July

Goodness gracious so is it normal to hear ringing in your ears all the time! zoey has been so fussy last night and today its probably got something to do with me not following her schedule...(I guess thats entirely my fault. I've just wanted to be lazy today and it doesnt pay off with a baby or atleast with mine! Oh well we've all gotta learn.

Along with that, I have discovered if I set the monthly Ensign next to the rocking chair for the night, I handle stress better threw out the entire night and early morning. now I've got a better appreciation for the Ensign magazine! I guess its the spirit that is humbling me down and helping me with patience while Zoey Jane screams in my ear! Poor baby!!

ALRIGHT so i'm playing catchup... Our 4th of July was really good. We where able to see a ton of family and my friends I havent seen since highschool. One of wich is an amazing dancer. He put on a Micheal Jackson performance and even threw all the years he's still great. I was also able to see their cute little kids (my have they grown)!
We spent the day with family and Zoey was in a great mood thankfully. We watched fireworks with family and friends also. It was nice to spend a long weekend with the fam, here are some pics of our 4th of July!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok so today has been exceptionally well with little Zoey Jane, I couldn't say the same thing for last night!!! Zoey Jane has been following her eating schedule very well (since she's the one who set it we just followed along with it and kept it). We also decided we would start setting a specific nap time where she would sleep in her crib so maybe that way we can start getting her used to being in her room alone and not sleeping with mom and dad in our room. She did really good with her nap and now we're going to start with bed time!! it's so exciting really I know it sounds funny, but today when I set her down for her nap I felt like I had things under control that because life was running with organization I was able to do things that I haven't for awhile.
I was able to make dinner clean the kitchen very well and have some me time then baby Zoey woke up and I was refreshed and able to move along with our day. I know that things wont always work that way and where we'll just have to improvise on others but as long as the root is there I'm sure things will work out for the better. I also feel that when things get hectic is the days we don't have order (and nights).
It's nice to be able to have some me time also in the evening, Al gets his own time with the baby while I'm able to spend it online for a bit it's so nice.

Big news: Zoey Jane's first Diaper Change, she changed from her newborn diapers to 1's this morning/middle of the night!!! It's so exciting our little girl is growing up and she's so stinkin cute (no punn intended). I"m just so excited but of course I'm enjoying every moment now cuz i've heard that they just grow up so fast and I don't want to miss a minute of it!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Weekend Away

We had a really awesome weekend. Alex, Zoey Jane and I where all able to go up north to Alex's best friends wedding. It was great to go into the South Jordan Temple it's so beautiful. Thanks to my sister and her boyfriend we where able to go inside to witness the marriage. We then spent it up north hanging out watching a movie at The District was pretty awesome... it's HUGE!! It's a movie theater that is just outstanding, did I already say, it's HUGE!!! We spent the night at my mom's place and it was just so fun to have a relaxing weekend. We finally where able to go to the 3 hour block of church since we've had Zoey Jane but man she was a little punk today. Of course I have an amazing husband that is more than willing to watch her. I guess I'm still getting over the being embarrassed of your child yelling and people staring at you, but I guess from now on that's how it's going to be... what are kids for!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

A new blogger....(Again!!!)

So is it funny to say im blogging one handed, I mean if I had a choice I would set Zoey Jane down but risk her yelling till Al gets home... not a chance!!! I wonder how many mom's out there blog one handed for one reason or another.
I've always wanted to have a constant blog I tried to do a scrapbooking one and am still going to continue I guess I really have no excuse for not doing a blog.
So i've been a mom for 3 weeks now and its had its ups and downs im sure im in for it and many of u moms r probably chuckling saying "good luck " but hey thats why im here i neede a support system! Today hasnt been too tough Zoey Jane's cries are becoming a constant tune in my ears, no really!! we're trying to keep things steady though Just when I feel like I'm getting used to my sleep patterns I find myself struggling to get up. Its not as bad as I thought it would be though (knock on wood). phew Al is almost home!