Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sick Babies!!

OH goodness so this weekend has been pretty long, I've had a sick husband and a sick baby at home... amazingly I feel GREAT!! I told it to Alex just like that and he just stared back!! Poor babies. So we were having game night at our friends house on Saturday and as I was trying to rock Zoey Jane asleep she threw up all over my left arm which spilled right over my back and poured down my leg and our friends couch of course it got all over her. I felt so bad for Zoey because right when she threw up she just lay there limp blinking and sighed!! Ifelt so bad for her I just wanted to hold her and make her feel better.

I made chicken soup Sunday to help Al get better but as Monday rolled around he just looked pooped out I felt so bad for him so he called into work. Alex and Zoey both slept all day long Sunday and Monday. They were both sniffling together and snoozing it was a sight to see. I'm betting I'll be the sick one soon with me holding both and caring for them which reminds me I need to wash pillow cases and everything else they both touched while sick. Today is looking up for both of them I sure hope they feel better.

On Saturday Peyton had her 1 year old birthday party it went really well, it was fun and such a cute party I'm excited for when Zoey Jane turns one but I can wait!! Which that reminds me Al and I have bought Zoey Jane a couple of Christmas presents early because they were on sale at wal-mart and one that she wont use for a couple of years but I got the leap frog junior, which originally sales for $32.00 at wal-mart, for $5.00 it was a great deal it was also the last one. We got original books to go with it for 3 bucks each which is sweet because they sale for $10.57 originally. I so want to take it out now but decided to wait. I was about to get an elmo live which moves and tells jokes it was so cute but apparently Alex doesn't like Elmo it was 10 bucks which it origanly sold for $60. Since Alex doesn't care for elmo we didn't get it I guess I wont look back...sigh!! I"m excited for Christmas this year Zoey Jane will be 6 months.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 Adorable Girls

So after camping we decided to take a picture of the 3 little girls so we put them down to try to take a picture. It was the hardest thing to do we tried to get them all preoccupied haha that didn't work out so well maybe we'll get it better when they get little older but for now that's the best we can do!

Spring cleaning so there will be no "Spring Cleaning"

So I have taken on a challenge for awhile now. I have been cleaning a new part of the house depending on the zone that I"m on. You can check it out at anyways so I had to clean out a closet that took a while seeing that it was sucha huge mess. Anyways this week I had to take on the bathroom and I focused on the sink. It was soooo gross!! I took off the faucet knobs and bleached them all I worked on it for a while scrubbed off all that gunk around the faucet phew!!!

Our kitty kat Misay

I have been missing Misay (said Me-sigh Phillipine language for "kitten") so much!! Misay is our beautiful little kitty well she's not so little now. We had Misay for one year before we had to move because of finances and our baby. We're planning to move next year for now Alex's brother is caring for Misay they've had her for almost 4 months and Alex and I miss her terribly. We can't wait to get her back.

She's such a well mannered kitty for a while she went crazy mostly because she wasn't spayed but once we got her spayed she became the angel she is. We tell little Zoey Jane all about the family kitty and show her pictures of Misay all the time.

We miss our kitty kat!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun week

OH my goodness I had a GREAT week. I spent it at my mom's house with my baby girl I missed my husband sooo much and wished he could have been there. He surprised me by showing up on Friday night I have a great husband. So we did soo much I love when my mom cooks it's so great mostly because I get a break from cooking, well and also my mom cooks great.

I got a big change it was so exciting on Thursday I got a haircut a style and highlights in my hair. I haven't done that since my first year in college and missed doing it. I went to Paul mitchels school and it was fantastic. They really pampered me. I had so much fun talking with my stylist that her friend joined in so it was two doing my hair, we were all talkink and just having a great time the entire time. I missed little baby Zoey Jane like so so much, but I told everyone about her. My goodness my hair looks great. I also went shoe shopping because my church shoes have been so worn out I didn't feel proper showing up like that.

OH yeah so there was an excellent sale in roberts 50% off of ANYTHING no exceptions so I was so happy. It only went on for 1 hour morning time so I showed up and ran straight to the cricut cartridges. Seriously all these ladies were around them everyone pushing to get what they wanted. I tried to weasle myself threw without pushing anyone, finally it cleared up for 1 second I ran in and got everything I was interested in then I chose between those. I bought one, the paperdoll cartridge because I have been wanting to make prophet stories for Zoey Jane so she could use them for family home evening. Of course she's too little now but she'll grow up with them. I also thought it would be fun to use them in our lessons when we teach class on sunday if we ever do use them. Either way I want to have them to make paperdolls later.

So if you can tell I was excited about my cricut cartridge. I really had a lot of fun with my sister too we went to the mall a couple times to help her buy some school clothes. We had loads of fun just having girls time but I missed alex too much so I took advantage and bought him a couple shirts. He was excited to have them of course I still don't even know my own husbands shirt sized and got the wrong size so I had to leave them behind so my sister could change them out.

So Saturday we took off to lagoon. It was so fun I hate rollercoasters mostly because of that gut wrenching feeling but it was sooooo much fun to go with Alex and friends. Zoey Jane came along with us and she did so great. My sister and her boyfriend went with so we switched taking turns on rides. I finally went on a faris wheel it was the first time ever I've always wanted to go next time I want to go with just Alex. My favorite ride is Cliff hanger it was boilling hot there and that cooled us down.

On our way up our tire seriously blew up It BLEW. I was so scared we got out to check and the tire blew along with our window washer fluid container I guess it just hit really hard against it. It messed our right light front blinker and it hit our car side so hard that it dented it forward. It really messed things up. We switched it out with our donut so we have yet to fix it. Man we had a long weekend. I'll talk somemore about it later but for now it's a wrap.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I"m off for the week

I'm way excited to spend some time with family this week. I'm heading off today, well actually Al is driving me there then Zoey Jane and I will be hanging out for a while. Zoey Jane got her shots today... oh goodness to see those tears streaming out of her little face when those LONG needles pierced her skin. She fell asleep soon after her daddy was holding her Al just held her and it all seemed just fine. She's so stinkin adorable I mean I hate having her hurt but I know it's good for her to get those shots. Well there all over I sure hope she does good today. I"m out yahoo!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

2nd Smith Campout!!

We had a pretty good time this weekend. Last year we started an annual Smith campout and the turnout was great this year we had a good turnout yet we missed those that weren't there. I decided to make Hobo dinner tonight aka tinfoil dinner. I was so delish next time we'll just put more in cuz it was AMAZING, Al sure loved it he just kept saying "mmm... this is good!!" I also made peach cobbler for this year I wasn't sure if it would come out good because I haven't made it since junior high but it was really good. Even though next year Jody told me that if I put in sprite it mixes it all for me and gives it a sweeter taste (though it was already sweet). Hey it's camping it only happens once in a while!!! I got really nervous though with breakfast. I made yearly at young womens camp, ziplock omelets they were GREAT then and I was soooo nervous they just wouldn't turn out well. It took forever to get the water boiling and going but Alex and I had great omelets next year I'll get up earlier to get the water boiling earlier.

Wow that's a lot of "next years" oh well we all learn!! Oh goodness Zoey Jane well lets not talk aobut the little girl at camping. I'm starting to believe that she is a girl that just loves the pampered life... maybe we're raising her that way... hmm??? No I completely refuse we've taken her camping at such a little age she's going to be an all around girl I guess I as long as we introduce her to all of her options then she'll have the opportunity to say so for herself right??? Well lets hope that works out cuz that's how we plan to raise our kids unless further notice!!!

I was rambling anyways, she had the biggest fits up at the campsite. She kept crying and was extremely picky with who was holding her and how she was being held. Then night time came GOODNESS GRACIOUS she yelled and took turns with the babies. It was kind of funny to hear different tents going off at different times. Poor Celeste, Ben, and Stan.

I had quit a scare this morning I woke up to angry cows. To be honest we all did, I was a bit scared because I wasn't sure if the cows were going to trample threw the tents, (Alex just laughed at that when I told him) I was frightened, I don't think I've ever heard angry cows before. I just heard them everywhere around us calling each other and heard them running. Ok so yeah maybe they wouldn't hurt us but Celestes dog was up there and I wasn't sure he would keep them away. I found out later he's scared of cows, problem solved!!

I'm stoked for our next year campout.

Monday, August 02, 2010

I'M A MOM not JUST a mom!

Lie #5--You don't need to take it so seriously.

Our modern culture feeds us this lie that motherhood and homemaking is just something you do on the side. And we are now seeing firsthand the results of this belief--broken homes, disparate families, failing marriages, and rebellious kids. And at the heart of it all is a mom who thought she didn't need to take it so seriously. I mean, it's not like it's a real career or something. Well, they're right about that. It's not just a career. It's a calling. When God called you to be a mom, He wasn't kidding around. I'm ready to tell you this is NOT a job to be taken lightly. This is a career that requires every bit of you and more. It is something you do with your whole heart. Stop believing the lies that our culture feeds us. See through the methods our media uses to discredit motherhood. Do it now before you waste another moment living with less than the best. The world keeps telling moms to do just enough to get by. But God sets a higher standard. He demands excellence. Motherhood is an eternal investment. You may not be able to see it now, but when you give it your all, when you approach this profession with the respect it deserves, when you stand up tall and profess loudly, "Yes! I AM a mom!" then, and only then, will you see the blessings of this consecrated career unfold before you.

Read the entire motivating article at

Learning to "kick some butt"

My family came over last week Thursday and Friday, it was soooo great to have them over they helped around the home and we watched a couple movies played games and had great food! On Thursday my sister and I went to a class that taught us to defend ourselfs if ever needs be. My sister and i were able to beat some people up and each other it was fun to learn some techniques. I'm so stoked to be able to teach Zoey Jane how to defend herself if she ever needs to. I thought about going home and practicing them on Alex... but I decided to not put him threw agony!! haha no it was fun though and I got a good work out. We then switched roles and Al was able to go play some basketball we really enjoyed being able to go out for a bit.

It was fun having family over this weekend. Alex's brother and sister in law with his sister came over to hang out on Saturday. We played card games all day then had stir fry and cheesticks with lettace it was so great. It was relaxing. I also didn't get anything done. So it drives me nuts cuz I keep setting guidlines for myself for everything and I seem not to follow threw some of the more important ones like cleanin our home on certain days doing certain things.

So we discovered little Zoey Jane LOVE LOVE LOVES the baby swing which is FANTASTIC it gives me a break and of course a break for Al too.

Family home evening was great today too, we talked about some goals and its just so rejuvinating to set some goals to help our lives keep going and feel like we have something that we are reaching for the better of our family.