Friday, November 18, 2011


What a fun book to read! I have been waiting to read this for awhile I've even seen it aired on the news.  When I received this book from my editor at Squeaky Clean Reads to review you can only imagine that I was stoked.  Well of course it's a story for younger children.  I was a bit shocked at the rudeness of some of the adults to the younger kids but I guess there ends up being a reason for it all!!  This book was a fun read yes a bit different, but I guess that's expected from a book with a cover like this!  There is a character that bullies some kids around and it gets me a bit riled up. Read the rest of my review on  The review will soon be posted!!
I sure hope that this is fun read for the younger kids and for you older kids :) 

Monday, November 07, 2011

Salt Lake and Logan Temple

We decided to make a round trip to temple sights we even made a weekend out of it.  One of my bucket list goals is to see as many temples from around the world and create our temple Scrapbook and what better way to start than your on state!!  We visited Salt Lake Temple first.  Our awesome friends, Matt and Connie Lyons babysat Zoey for the evening.  I've got to say Salt Lake is a very beautiful temple.  I forgot to recharge camara batteries so I had to skip on pictures.  No worries though we visit SL Temple a lot that we'll get another picture its just a shame we didn't get it for the day we went through a session.  It's great to know that we walked the halls of our prophet and apostles of our latter days!!

Next day we hit the Logan Temple.  I was actually very shocked with how beautiful it really is!  This is my second favorite temple... I think!!  We went with Shem and Jen and we where so grateful that Jenny's family could watch Zoey for us!!
Such a great experience and a HUGE thank you to the Lyons and Jen's family for helping us on important dates!!

If You want the rainbow

I've got to admit... we've had some B-A-UTIFUL rainbows here in town!!  I've got to say it's the area we live in coming out of the canyon and all.  I've heard this place is windy and rainy because of it's location and I thought bummer....  I remembered a really great quote we received in relief society one time and I figure to share it.

"If you want the RAINBOW you have to put up with the RAIN"

pretty basic right, but it hits home!!  Now whenever I have a bad day I do my best to remember this simple saying!!