Sunday, July 31, 2011


Zoey has been growing and learning so much since her first year! She has started standing up on her own and knows exactly what she wants.  She love loves the park and the school grounds near our home.  We go on walks every day to see the swings and play with new kids sometimes with neighbors other times during mommy and me time.  She always get's nervous on the slide but is anxious to get back up and has been learning to climb them.  Her all time favorite is the swing.  Her first time on it by herself she couldn't stop laughing.  Now she points at them everytime and can't wait to get on.  Zoey loves puppets and I am excited to start taking her to Mother Goose time at the library.  She enjoys flipping through books and aboslutely LOVES ice cream.  Twisty cones seem to be her favorite.

She really enjoys talking on her phone and well I guess on ours too!  Quita is probably her most favorite person, we hope she loves us as much!!  Zoey has two sippy cups that she loves to use but she hasn't completely figure out that one of them has to be tipped back while the other has a straw. 

Zoey gets shy around people but quickly warms up.  She loves to play with other kids always clapping if she loves something she sees.  She can't hold still any longer and that is both exciting and well tiring, but more exciting than anything else.  Zoey loves her blanket and always has to carry it out with her when picked up from the crib.  She is a chatter box and the sweetest thing that has ever come into our lives! We love out little sweetheart!!

Let Freedom Ring

Zoey was so tired we woke up about 5 a.m. and she just fell back asleep right when her daddy placed her on the changing table it was so cute

I think every year Al and I have come to the balloon festival, Alex wants to get a picture with "his" balloon!!

Opening ceramonies of the festival, a couple had gone up there and after the flag had been let go the people underneath held up "will you marry me" letters.  It was so cute we all applauded clapped and whistled (except for us since we don't know how to whistle yet).  It's always so exciting to see proposals you just know that they are one step closer to living their lives!!

4th is always one of my favorite holidays up north.  It's always been a tradition to go to Provo, Utah and spend it having a full weekend of fun, and that's exactly what it was.  We decided to start with the balloon festival.  Ever since I can remember I have seen the balloons and it always signals the beginning of the festivals.  We followed it up by going out for breakfast and was it scrumptous!  The booths are so much fun.  We had Alex's family give a pleasant visit so we all went to this together.  The craft fair is so exciting because it always gives us ideas for new ways of adding fun and decor in our life.  We finally broke down and bought our first barbeque.  It works perfectly for us and we had all of Al's and my family over for this.  Umm who doesn't love barbequed food!!  Alex and I really debated wether or not to go to the stadium of fire this year, we decided against it just because we knew we where going to be so busy this year we just wanted to enjoy the basics.  We found a great spot and had fun playing and chatting it up with family and friends.  Zoey had such a blast, this year was the first year she actually noticed them.  Last year she was just so tiny that she slept right through it all.  She stood in amazement and would point up at them exclaiming "dah dah" over and over again.  They usually last about a half an hour.  Alex hadn't seen fireworks so close up and thought they where really great. I can't wait till he experiences them so close that you can feel the heat and they look like they are falling on you!!  I just love the 4th of july the best part of it was that we spent so much time together with friends and family!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zoey's New Cube

We have been looking for Zoey's final birthday present.  We couldn't figure out what was the one thing we did want for her.  We went from various toys to toys...  then I was looking and I saw this slide and tower cube.  Usually used they sell these (without slide or tower for 50).  With the tower and slide the closest thing cost upwards of 150 we got this for a fraction of the price and only had to pay $15.  It's so fantastic.  We figured this would grow with her for a while and with our other children. What child doesn't like to imagine they have a castle or their own little clubhouse.  It has a little closed area underneath it too!! She may be too little for it now but she and her cousins will be able to play with it we fell in love Happy Birthday Zoey!!

Vacation 2011

We had SO MUCH FUN!!! This years vacation we decided to go to Lake Powell since I have never been.  We got together with Bo and Kelsey Congdon to plan it all out.  Kayden, a good friend that Alex and Bo worked with had a boat and so we made it happen.  It was awesome we had about 10 people there.  Friends and Family of Kayden's and us.  Quita and Chase came along too.  We went wakeboarding, tubing, floating with tubes, swimming, shooting, sight seeing, boating, fishing, and well anything else you do while camping. We went Friday through Sunday.  I can absolutely say I love Lake Powell.  We definately want to see if we can get a boat in the future to have fun experiences just like these.  Zoey was AWESOME I thought maybe should would struggle a bit but she had a blast.  She didn't cry, except for when we went to put her in her lifevest.  We even got a chance and took her tubing with us!!

 Puttin on Zoey's life vest for the first time.  Every time we got into the boat Zoey would fall asleep it was awesome we just hopped on and went boating for awhile for her naps!!

 Chase and Kayden brought their guns they went shooting out back.  Potatoes, bottles, you name it!!

 Ben trying to save Kayden from the Big Ball!!

We took Zoey out to go tuing with us.  She loved it we where so happy she did!!
As the boat pulled us along she kept yelling her happy yells and tried to grab the water a few times!!