Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mothers thoughts exactly!

The last day of a family Smith Trio is near.  Thoughts: oh goodness where to begin!!!!

Part of me struggles, almost to tears almost feeling a bit guilty for Zoey's last day of being the only child.  I dunno is it many mothers thoughts or only mine?  Our little 2 year is going to have some very happy and difficult times ahead of her.  With Alex back in school, working, of course church calling and making time for homework, stress relief and oh yes his wife dearest.... I"m stressing out for him.      HOW is he KEEPING his Cool!!!!  This is what I love about my Love.  What a great example.

Thanks to family and friends (big shout out to Our dear neighbors the Staheli's) we are able to have a stress free labor day.... and I do mean Labor Day.

I am far far along I mean over half way there and contractions but not anything precise, so inducement time here we come.  Nervous.... YES  ... scared... NOPE!!!  Excited and whole bunch of other feelings men don't seem to understand.  Her name Jasmine Skye Smith we are calling her Skye!  Literally means "Beautiful Sky" and has the tie of the Phillipines national flower.  That one did it for Alex since he served his mission in the Phillipines!!

We love the look of the jasmine flower also, simply beautiful.  Anyways as Zoey is sleeping and I take a look at her and realize how much fun, happiness, and enlightening moments we have all had, I can't wait to welcome our baby Skye home.  Wish us luck!