Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Smith Biggest Loser!!

It has been so exciting to start on a better road this starting year.  Ben (my brother in-law) and I were talking about getting fit this year and how I had heard of this being a goal for an old co-worker and her family.  They put money in the middle and whoever got the best results in total got the cash prize!!  So we decided to do the same thing.  Ben called family, I wrote down information. One of my sister in-laws bought a machine that took everything we needed (body fat %, weight, muscle mass, etc) It's so awesome!!! So now we're well on the way it's been a month and I've lost some weight. Well I decided to pledge to the pound for pound challenge!! You can click on the tag to the right and be redirected. It's great I've pledged to loose and the proceeds will go to Utah Food Bank.  Well i've kicked off my workouts but now we're doing more and its great!! Hopefully more people get interested in it and join the pound for pound challenge.  The biggest reason I decided to pledge to the Smith Biggest Loser Challenge and Pound for Pound is to ensure myself that I wont quit!! But most of all because I need to be a better more fit mother for my children and I DO NOT want to have gestational diabetes again!! It could have endangered my childs life and my own and I absolutely do not want to go threw that again especially putting my children in that pathway! And well the plus of feeling better is awesome!! I'm excited Let's get to it!!