Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Decor

 These have just become the new Wedding gift for us but best yet we make them for famiy and friends that have asked for them!  One of my bestie's wedding and a friends request.

This is What I Get!!

 So sometimes I've got to admit... I dislike getting Zoey ready.  I love her but man she throws a fit taking our her arms, when the shirt goes over her head, putting on clothes in general!!!   So guess what happens when i've had enough... Al get's the job haha!!  So in goes Al and out comes Zoey  This is what happened!!
He thought he'd be sly and get her dressed in whatever Zoey wanted to wear I mean WHY NOT if she's throwing a fit!!  I burst out laughing man... this is to those days that are just plain hard!  My love makes me laugh!!

Logan Trip

Still Playing Catch up!!  Well along with going on a temple trip we wanted to visit with Al's Brother's fam.  We caught this picture of Zoey  her booty high up in the air sleeping!  She's so cute!!

 We hit a splash pad with all of our fam it was fun to get wet! It was such a nice day too.

 After the splash pad we all decided to go to their local zoo.  It was fun to walk around, it was a perfect size for all the little kids not too big to get overwhelmed but not to small to leave us hanging!  We got to see some fun animals and best of all Zoey Loved It!!  So did I oh yeah and Al too.

Poor Payton she got snapped at by a duck while trying to feed it!

Here is the best part of my life My husband showing our baby girl some animals.

 Shem Jen and their kids
Hanging out with Family is so much fun we love it and had a great weekend Temple times and family outings are the best! Here's to another year hopefully much like this one!