Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A weekend of PURE FUN!!

JUNE 18, 2011
After Zoey's birthday party we had a friend bbq to go to.  It was put together because some of our really good friends, Stephanie and Spencer Sego are moving in July.  We all wanted to get together and do something fun for one last time.  All of us where in charge of bringing our own meat and split the rest.  So we got ready and drove down to Ephraim.  While we where there one of our friends Connie gave Zoey Jane another birthday presant!  She got a cute little dress made from the material that I made her nursing cover from.  She's going to look SO cut in it! We where going to go to the Manti pageant but decided to hold off so Al and I could get one last chance to play games with all of our game buddies.  We had a really great day hanging out, talking, and simply being with each other for one last time.  We will definately miss some of our best buddies the Sego's.

Matt Lyons was making Zoey laugh so hard with her baby seal she got for her birthday!!

Ben and Tony messing around!

Bonnie Jenkin hanging out trying to tough it threw her pregnancy.

Dave Holmes

Nathan and Hayley Reeves

I cut into Al's and Reeves conversation... they immediatly turned around and cheesed it.

Steph and her baby boy Jack, he is simply so adorable!!

Peyton was just not happy.  I got lucky with this shot of Zoey she was beginning to throw a fit.

While all of us where hanging out Steph had a ton of sparklers she wanted the kids to try.  Al was so excited he took Zoey right out there and showed her how it was done.  I thought she would be scared but she wanted to touch it so much and she really enjoyed them.  Makes me happy for when the 4th of July comes around.

Peyton had fun with Em and Brit.

Zoey's First Year

 We had such a fantastic first year birthday for her it was so much fun.  On her birthday we decided to keep it small since we would have a big swim party on the 18th of June with all of family!  So we went to my parents home and made a little chocolate cake with dinner and introduced her to the swimming pool.  She loved her chocolate cake so we decided to maker her her own on her birthday party day. On the 18th we had all of Al's and my family meet at my mom's clubhouse to go swimming.  We had a potato bar with cake icecream cones, they where DELICIOUS.  Al and I worked on her bathtub cake we really wanted her to have, it turned out really awesome but to be honest the cake itself was delicious.  It was so moist and simply covered with buttercream frosting and of course rainbow chocolate chip frosting between all of the rainbow cake!!!  Everyone loved it and it FLEW!!  I really thought we would have left overs... I guess not.  We all decided to swim before we cut the cake and opened presants.  The jacuzzi was warm and the pool was a bit chilly but it was so much fun hanging out with family and close friends.

 Zoey did not want to be alone for her cake so we picked her up and blew out the candle with her!

 Zoey dug into that chocolate cake of course she didn't finish it off so people cut into it.

Opening her birthday presants was a blast she was so interested in everything and she really enjoyed being with everyone as much as we did.  I was able to make her first year video to put into her scrapbook, Happy Birthday baby girl!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jared Smith

 Alex Me and Zoey Jane Smith

 Jared's Mamma
 I told Stan to pretend the world was coming to an end and this is what happened!!
We decided that on Sunday we would go to Jared's grave for Memorial day.  Every year we go to see Jared either on our own or with family.  Everyone tells stories and memories about Jared.  I always love to hear about how Alex would take his brothers hats off all the time to tease him.  Jared loved to wear them and now Alex wears hats alot because of his brother a way of remembering him.  We're excited to meet Jared someday.

The Great Scandinavian Day

 Saturday morning we got up early,... well early since we stayed up so late into the night playing games, to watch the Scandinavian parade down Ephraim main road.  We are so excited for when Zoey gets older and is able to catch candy thrown in parades.  We where able to walk up and down boothes afterwards.  We saw so many familiar faces from older wards it was great!!  We also knew that Kirk and Cassy where going to be in town from Colorado so we caught up with them and Zoey absolutely loved being around them.  It's always good to catch up with good friends from out of state.

 Maddie, and Emmie after catching parade candy.
Cute baby Jarem

Fun Weekend

What a great weekend... Alex, Zoey, and I drove down with Bo and Kelsey Congdon to Ephraim for a big weekend.  We had Jack Sego's baby blessing to go down for on Sunday May 28th so we decided to make it a long weekend.  On Friday night we had game night with all of our best buddies and Steph decided to make it a surprise birthday party for all of us May people.  It was so fun, we stay up way late into the night playing games and catching up!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

2011 Graduates

Oh goodness it was a day full of graduations.  Tyler Snow our nephew was in the morning and my sister's Ale Hernandez in the evening.  Graduations are always a big thing so we like to show up to all of our family and friends.  Alex wasn't able to get off work so Zoey and I went to Tylers and filled him in on what he missed out. They both received high honors and Quita also as a sterling scholar. As tradition, I make lei's and candy leis for those graduating.  I remember I would go and help my cousins with leis all growing up for graduations, weddings, and important event so I simply got used to making them.  They symbolize Love you have for the person your giving it to wether it be family or friend.  Appreciation for the person they are and for what they have accomplishe.  Lastly it symbolizes Respect.  Respect for finishing a goal achieving the goals in their lives and for the endurance.  Wearing them lets all those around you know that you are supported and appreciated in return.  I love leis and received them on my own graduation.  I am so proud of family for what they have accomplished now it's their turn to go and continue on their chosen paths!!!