Monday, October 25, 2010


It's so exciting Zoey Jane finally started reaching out for things, she started on the 21st of October.  Now everything she is reaching for is getting put into her mouth!! Oh no, but yet so exciting! On the 15 of October when she was on her tummy she got up on her knees.... now she just needs to know what to do with her hands!!  Also on the 14th of Octoer, she began to roll over.  She rolled over 3 times on that day!! She's getting so big so fast!! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pick up pictures!!

So I"m excited that Alex is taking a vacation day to spend with Zoey and me!! He's so sweet, man I love my husband!! It's exciting cuz we're getting some things done for me and for Al but for the most part we are doing this to enjoy time with family!! Things have been crazy we just seem to be so busy busy busy,trying to slow down to appreciate and love our baby girl!!  We got her 3 month pictures done a few weeks ago and we still hadn't picked them up I"m so excited to get them put up!! Zoey Jane has been growing so big so fast it's crazy!!
On October 7th she realized her hands belong to her!! She keeps looking at them putting them up and just turning her hands around
She loves to blow her lips together now and does it ALL THE TIME (she's doing it right now none stop) it's so stinkin cute!!
We absolutely love her laughter it is the CUTEST thing in the world and she's starting to do it so so much more we Love LOVE it!! Man I sure love being a mom!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Last craft post

I went ahead and posted  the 3rd advent calander and a card everyone will be making for girls night om oct 7 remember let me know if your going so i know how many materials to bring! This is my last craft post on this website so if you want to follow my designs follow me at!! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 03, 2010


So just for everyones info I am still debating wether to close this blog to all public viewers and just keeping it for friends and family it's still a thought in progress!!  I am excited to say I re-opened my scrapping world.  It's always been something I've been wanting to do and sure hope it turns out well!!  so for all that are interested in joining my creations please join me at my Scrapinisty blog.  I sure hope you all love it I will just be using this blog for the Smith journals while the other I will continue my creations and craftiness and hopefully get things started with that!!