Monday, May 23, 2011

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side!!

Okay so we Alex and I decided to go out to have some fun at the school near our home.  We had a pleasant walk.  When we got to the school we decided to kick a ball around so we set Zoey down.  She looked shocked then started to pout .... We wanted to get her first reaction on video so we ran home and recorded it.  Technically it was her second reaction it surprised us that she did not enjoy the soft grass but hey I'm sure if we put pants on her next time she may learn to like it!

26 years on earth!!

We had a blast for Al's birthday!! He got off of work early then we met up with Bo Congdon to eat one of Al's favorite... Cafe Rio!! After we went out to choose his final big gift and he loved choosing it.  Going to the tool store is like candy for him.  He kept saying... "I can choose ANYTHING in Home Depot?" He decided to choose several small tools rather then get one big one. He got a big surprise from Zoey Jane.  Her gift to daddy was she stood up on her own right next to him.  She just let go of everything and just stood there. What a great gift!! We had family come over and had his favorite Enchiladas!!  Then we had ice cream and cake.  We where going to go out to watch a movie but he decided for a new release that would come out that weekend.  Pirates of the Carribean, so he got a raincheck on that.  Happy Birthday Al. 
    Al opening his lego set!!  He's still a kid at heart.
He also get's a book every birthday


So I've been slacking on putting cards and designs on my creative blog I'll need to put up a way to get there from here but I hae not stopped here are some more cards just recently created!! Happy Card making!!

Zoey and Teddy!!

Zoey Jane did not want to set her Teddy down at all.  She insisted in having him there for breakfast... knowing that Teddy would get dirty I put a bib on him.  Zoey set him down right next to her.  Well I guess the pictures say it all.  Teddy did get dirty and so did she but we had fun feeding Teddy and her that morning!!

Baby blessings

Katies baby blessing

Jarem's baby blessing. 

The smith family was blessed to have 2 little additions to the home.  Katie and Jarem where blessed within a month of each other and we had a great time being able to visit April's and Jen's home.  Zoey Jane loved seeing babies and we had a great time being able to meet up with relatives and extended family.  We are blessed!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bath Time

Zoey Jane Cheesing it she loves the bath and can't wait to get in every time.

She loves her pink ducky don't know what it is about her birds. Beautiful brown eyes!!

Zoey Jane

Alex, Zoey, and I where able to visit all of our friends in Ephraim for a weekend.  The guys played basketball while we supported them.  We then went to the Sego's house to play games from a long night.  We love Ephraim

Homemade Door Wreath

I've been wanting to make a wreath it seems like forever and I finally got it done. I made it match our interior decor. I Love it I made all the flowers and set brads for the middle of the flowers. I twisted ribbon all around it to give it more of a finished look. I had fun making it especially since Zoey Jane  was so interested in it.

Easter Morning

We where so excited for easter.  This would be Zoey's first but of course being a 10 month old we decided to go all out on some sweet baby treats for her.  We got her some raspberry apple snacks, oatmeal pears with cinnamon, some yogurt smoothies (bannana & apple).  Instead of placing candy in eggs we put some yogurt drops and dissolving apple treats. Every time Zoey opened an egg she would be showered with her favorite treats.  We went to IFA and she was able to see real baby chics  which she loved and couldn't keep her eyes off.  Lucky us we found a baby chick that chirps just like the real ones.  I made her hairbows that matched her sunday dress.  She looked so adorable!! The sad thing was Zoey struggled that morning simply because we found a third tooth coming in.  Exciting but rough at the same time!

She Loved her baby Chick she struggles to put it down and we had to take it with us to church!!

Zoey digging into her basket Easter morning.

Monday, May 02, 2011

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan

Alex and I have been reading books since well, we don't even know!! We enjoy every minute of it. We have thought about starting book clubs but decided to start here.  The book club I joined had us reading this book for this month but I became too inpatient and picked it up last month.  It's a very interesting read, where the Smith family has one of it's own members fighting threw cancer.  This book was an interesting read simply because of her real feelings during cancer.  The worst is that her own father fights cancer with her.   I didn't enjoy her word choices and simply not having the gospel in her life had an influence in that.  The ratings on good reads are 1 star: didn't like 2 stars: it was ok 3 stars: like it 4 stars: really like it 5 stars: loved it.  I decided to follow that rating system and I gave this star 3 stars simply because of the realism of the book.  How she felt and what she went threw as a person without the gospel.  It helped me appreciate being a Latter Day Saint.  Let me know what you think if you have read this book!!