Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Go BYU!!

We where able to watch one of BYU football games live and we decided to take Bo and Grandma Smith.  It was supposed to be fun... IT SURE WAS!!!  We all got a chance to hang out, chat, watch the game (which is much more difficult for me to catch onto than on tv).  I love watching live games with Al and we both agree it's much more fun to share it with each other.  We always forget to have enough for hot chocolate oh yeah and we also ran into one of his mission buddies... so RANDOM!!  We kept chatting about how we couldn't wait for Alex to be accepted to BYU so we can use his pass more frequently

Alex's Mission Reunion 2011

It has been so exciting to go to Alex's Mission reunions and be able to put faces to names of stories and times on his mission.  His Mission President Brother and Sister Trask are such a joy to get to know.  It's so good to know that they remember my name too!!  This year they had a new batch of missionaries join them so it was split between the time Alex came home and the new batch.   We where able to see many familiar faces though and it's so good to have conversations with those who I've met before.

 The treat for this year is we all where able to have the famous filipino food that i've heard soooo much about.  At the moment I won't be able to name them but I'll have Alex help me with that.  It was SOOO good.  Al reassured me that because it was made in the states it's safe to eat!! :-0  I am so happy to have the privilage to have a little taste of the culture that alex loves so much!!

Baby Zoey Jane

 Oh Zoey what fun you are!!  TV Oh my, you love to watch cartoons on your back.  I haven't captured them yet but since watching mommy lie on her tummy you've been doing the same thing!!!  We love it, your little personality coming out.
 You don't love mommy to do your hair. You can be destaracted and it's more simple but you'd rather let your hair fall all over so you can shake it about when a song comes on.  This day you wanted your hair done and mommy loved it.  Mommy had so much fun playing with the designs, your hair is getting so long, now it's past your shoulders but no one can really notice because it curls so much in the back but the sids lay straight... it's cute kinda funny though!!

 You LOVE to hide behind, clothes, jackets, blankets, well whatever you find then play peek-a-boo.  Yet You don't care much for saying it.

 Daddy's and Mommy's favorite is you loving to wear daddy's hats.  You will ask for "AT" and point all excited like.  We LOVE YOU
 Oh goodness if we let you you'd finish grandmas special avacado dip.  You love it so much you'll sneak into the chips and dip and dip into the dip.  The funny thing is most people bite off the chip, you don't!  You love getting the dip on the chip and scrape it off.  It's so funny  I'm shocked you haven't gotten a tummy ache from it!!