Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ok So this is one of the projects I will have on Craft night. This is a halloween advent calander for those that want to make this project on Oct 7 please let me know so I can print off the numbers for you. You need to bring your own paper. I used 12x12 sheets you don't have to use them to make the project except for the tree you need a 12x12 brown or black sheet of paper if you want one this size if not you can bring whatever size to fit wherever you want to put it. This would look cute on a fridge or a metal board like this!! You don't have to make the same characters that I have you can make all sorts of different characters I have a die cutting machine that will cute these figures.!! This is a more in depth project so it may take more then the 2 hours we'll have
This is an easier advent calander all you need is whatever 12x12 paper you want to fit this calander together. I have glitter the glue and ALL the stamps to go along with this I have different ones so you don't have to make this matching one.

I will have one more advent calander option there but it's still on progress and a couple cards I decided to not have a gift jar there this time it may be shown another time. Remember it will be every other week, so if you want to show us a craft please sign up I'll have a sign up sheet there. It will be at Steph segos house Oct 7 from 8-10 p.m. These look so cute in person I wish I could take better pictures!! Remember let me know which your interested in so I can take materials there either let me know here or tell me in person!! more to come!!


So I absolutely love all my kitchen appliances and well just everything in my kitchen. It's well stocked and I have Alex to thank for that. One thing though haha I don't have cookie sheets!!! I mean I did then we went to Texas and left our pans at a relatives house when we came back to Utah and moved to our home we went to look for the pans and they were GONE!! I just hadn't replaced them cuz I'm not really good with desserts. I've been trying to be though so Alex as a gift gave me some really nice cookie sheets and springform pans. I'm so stoked for them that night I made some snickerdoodle cookies. So I said I wasn't the best at making desserts these turned out good. Usually my cookies don't come out as good. Funny cookies are the hardest thing for me to cook!! someone help!!!!

BELOVED swing!!

I absolutely love our swing!! I think I have stated this before but IDO I DO I DO!! So does Zoey Jane. She has discovered that her swing has flowers on it (which Alex thought they were stars) and she just stares and stares at them. It's so stinkin cute cuz she talks to them and laughs so much She loves them so much.!!

Babysitting and football!!

So Alex decided to hold both of the babies at the same time just to see what it would be like to have 2!! He said "wow that's weird!" We're so excited to have a big family but we're waiting for Zoey Jane to get a tad bigger to start talking about another addition. This is Emmalynn we were babysitting her for our friends while they went on a date together. She was such a delight!! Whenever we can watch her we sure will she was having a blast and so were we!! Alex and I went to Kents market and guess what we found!! FOOTBALL STUFF They had set up a display with actual COCA-COLA packs to spell out touch down we thought it was so cool we couldn't help but take a picture YEAH Kents just because of that we bought from Kents!! funny huh!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Craft Night!!

I will post all the information for Craft Night on this blog. What we will do and what will be needed. For right now I believe you all will need paper and I will supply everything else. I will have I believe three options available there for you to do and will teach the 3. I believe I will be teaching an advant calander for Halloween, a card, and a fun decoration jar for a gift. I will post the pictures of them here and products needed so you can bring them and be prepared. If your not interested in actually making a project just come along and we'll have girls night!!! Oct 7 from 8-10 pm at Steph Sego's house if you have any questions let me know here and I'll get back to you! We want you all there!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So these are only some of the cards that I have made. All them were made with the cricut and additional embellishments. I can't wait till I can make videos with my cards to show all who want to know how to make some fun cards and scrapbook pages. I love love my cricut and love love to work with paper!!


So I found some more pictures I liked from Peytons party with Zoey Jane in it. Here she is with her aunt Shauna!!
Al with eating his BLUE cotton candy he did not want pink which is the first one they made so he had to wait it out till he got his!!
And here I am while baby Zoey took a nap with my pink cotton candy!! yum!!

Happy Happy Birthday to You!!

So I know I am way behind schedule but I remembered I had these pictures. I love the pictures of Peyton in these. Em and Britton (brother and sister in law) came down to have a big birthday party for Peyton she turned one year old and it was way fun she had her first birthday party wahoo!! She got the cutest cake for herself to dig into and one for everyone else!! She also had a cotton candy machine there and that was way fun to have also. I loved and and sure can't wait to throw Baby Zoey a big 1st year party with family and friends also!!
This was Peytons card I made it was done using the paper doll dress up cartridge for the cricut.

This was one of my favorite pictures I got of Peyton she so stinkin cute.

Bath time

I just love love giving Zoey Jane baths!!
She loves them also but she does not like coming out of the bath!! Once she's out she gives us this stare right here and it cracks us up its like a shock of cold!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Order in the home

I have been watching a show called Hoarders. It's amazing and how terribly sad it is that people let their homes their area of bliss get so messy. Home is were the heart is ... then why not keep it were the heart can live peacefully. Obsession!! no order is against what God wants for us

"Etched in sacred scripture is a commandment to 'set in order thy house' (D&C 93:44). Once we as parents understand the importance and meaning of that commandment, we need to learn how to do it." Russell M. Nelson

It may be hard for some of us to come to realize it and acknowlodge that things are unclean. Parents are the example to their children. What can I do today!!??? first not be lazy. I realize that I can't do everything I want in a day so I set goals and if needs be get up earlier then expected to get the home in order to bring peace to my family as they wake up and of course put God first. I testify that If you put God first in your life and it's the first thing you do in your day things will work out Happiness is were the home is... only if the home is a happy place to be!!
I thank my parents for teaching me to be organized... can you thank yours??

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

100 books!!

Since last year I have been trying to read 100 books or more and last year I failed terribly, this year I have 3 books read ... JUST 3!! OH no I need to get moving. Oh yes maybe I should mention my year starts every August 7th haha cuz 100 books from now till December wouldn't be doable for me!! I've been debating wether to attend the new class they have for all adults in the stake. I want to go but I"m already taking 2 classes maybe it's not the smartest idea with baby Zoey just yet. I mean who says I can't do it at home!!

I'm stoked!! I decided that when we get our family camara I will start making video projects for spcrapbooking and projects for all that are interested in them. I probably wont be starting them till next year sometime in January but I'm hoping it'll all work were I'll be able to make videos on my projects from cards to home decorations and to answer questions about the Cricut Expressions!! For now I'm just posting up pictures I'll get those posted up oh I don't know if I want to do it on this blog or my actual scrapbooking blog... just the thought of running two blogs makes me feel dizzy!! For now I post it on this one I'll let you all know when my other blog gets running (if I do get it running that is).

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Wow it was busy this weekend. Alex and I were talking about how it would have been a nice weekend to relax to since there were 3 days to it!! But we still had fun with family

To be honest it was the drive that drove me crazy and little baby Zoey was no help to it
don't get me wrong she did well to be honest but it was when she wanted to sleep
and we were out and about with family that she scrame her LUNGS out!! It drives me nuts because it's when you want them to behave the most that they just overreact and huff and a puff!!
I love Zoey
So we had the opportunity to witness the ordination of my brother in law it was so great to hear that he is wanting to go further with his ordinations!! We got to see the entire family this week so that was really good. Then we went up to my side of the family's house.
We went up for Onion days. It was way fun to see family and friends and we had an AMAZING Barbeque It was DELICIOUS oh so so DELICIOUS! OH great news
we've been looking at a swing for baby Zoey since before she was born we knew that she would use it and her siblings would too, but it was so expensive!! We went by in Cedar City to check it out again and guess what!!.... IT WAS ON SALE It was actually on CLEARANCE. So we broke down and bought it but we saved that's for sure!!
We got it all set up and it's sooo stinking cute. It plays classical music and nature sounds. It has a timer for when to stop playing the music/swing. It has 6 settings for music and cute flowers for looks. BEST PART PINK AND BROWN!! Of course if we have a baby boy I'll just make a cover that's just as cute!! We also got great news my sister in law is pregnant yeay!! They are expecting their fourth so now we have to family members pregnant and due next year!!
The power of family is amazing. Congrats you 2!!
So another great thing! My aunt was able to tale back 9 generations of mine and she gave me all the updates. I have been looking and looking for some of the missing links and we found them!!
Some of them are missing some work so It's time to get back to the temple.
So to be honest I'm looking around at the messiest house in the planet well I guess not on the planet but it's pretty bad So I get to work on that today!!


So I am way WAY excited for the new and improved Cricut. Here's some info, I believe (now I could be wrong) but I believe that Cricut and HP got together to make this machine. They have their own cartridges but you can use the cartridges from the cricut machines on it. Oh yes this machine is called.... IMAGINE to be honest when I first saw this machine for CHA video I was like this is just a really expensive printer with a cricut attached to it, but to be honest after watching video on it it's really exciting. So yes it does cost a bit. The Imagine I believe costs $600.00 yep USA DOLLARS So it's just completely expensive for me I can wait or even cut out my own printouts for now. The good thing about this is you can just buy white paper and custimize your pictures to what you want. You can even print out your own paper which to be honest is awesome because how many times do we go out on the lookout for that right paper to match with everything. So for now I will stick with my cricut expressions but I can't imagine that later in the future I may be asking for this for Christmas.... haha WAY WAY later!!